The DIOCESE OF NORWICH has kindly allowed the ROMANIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH in NORWICH and EAST ANGLIA, the Parish of VIRGIN-MARTYR PHILOTHEA and ST BEDE THE VENERABLE, to use ST MARY’S CHURCH, the Parish Church of GILLINGHAM. The congregation is extremely grateful to the Diocese and the community of Gillingham for offering them a place of worship.

The parish priest is the Very Revd Dr Liviu Barbu and Mr Nicholas Meade is Church Warden.
The parish is part of the ROMANIAN ORTHODOX PATRIARCHATE, under the jurisdiction of the ROMANIAN ORTHODOX METROPOLIS OF WESTERN AND SOUTHERN EUROPE headed by HE JOSEPH, Archbishop and Metropolitan. The UK Honorary Dean is the Very Revd Fr Silviu-Petre Pufulete. The ROMANIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH IN THE UK is a member of the CHURCHES TOGETHER IN BRITAIN AND IRELAND (CTBI).

Despre parohia noastra

  1. Sfantul Paste 2019
  2. St Mary’s Open Day, septembrie 2018
  3. Hram Sf. Mc. Filoteea si Centenar, decembrie 2018:
  1. Sfantul Paste 2018:
  2. Sceneta Viata Sf. Mc. Filoteea, decembrie 2014
  3. Slujba Invierii, Catedrala Sf. Treime din Norwich, Marea Britanie:
  4. Interviu Pr. Dr. Liviu Barbu, Trinitas TV, aprilie 2015

Pr. dr. Liviu Barbu, Conferinte saptamana misiunii, Italia 4-10 nov. 2019

Radio Trinitas – Stire Saptamana Misiunii Italia, Pr. Dr. Liviu Barbu:

  1. Parohia Inaltarea Sf Cruci – Torino: (conferinta tineri)
  2. Parohia Sf. Voiev. Stefan cel Mare – Pinerolo: fragment conferinta preoti)
  3. Parohia Sf. 40 de Mucenici – Moncalieri (conferinta credinciosi adulti)
  1. Parohia Sf. Ap. Ev. Matei – Cirie: (conferinta credinciosi adulti)
  2. Parohia Sf. Ier. Nectarie – Novara: (conferinta credinciosi adulti)
  3. Parohia Sf. Cuv. Parascheva – Torino: (conferinta credinciosi adulti)
  4. Paraclisul Episcopal Acoperamantul Maicii Domnului – Pino Torinese: (conferinta credinciosi adulti)



Mesaj de Craciun Biserica noastra ortodoxa din Norwich si East Anglia va doreste pace si…